CCA 1020 Light

A robust and reliable solution for outdoor environments.

A versatile turnstile that provides easy integration with other security components, as well as the robustness needed for outdoor environments.



CCA 1020 Light

Bridge-type equipment for outdoor environments.




Control Options

– Tripod turn mechanism.
– Electromagnetic locks and optical sensors are used to activate the locks, providing lower
mechanical wear and tear and longer service life.
– Easy integration with other access control technologies.
– Robust, high-performance, low-cost equipment.
– Top cover with slot for barcode scanners and stainless steel plate that allows the
deployment of displays, keypads, proximity readers or biometric scanners.
– Turnstile arms at 90° provide a smoother turn and softens impact on the user after
– Electronic passage counter.
– Anti-panic drop arm.
– Slot for barcode scanner or magnetic card reader.
– Ticket safe.
– MCA – TCP/IP access control board.
– Slotted barcode scanner for badges.
– Multibeam barcode scanner – ticket proximity.
– 2D code scanner.
– Wiegand/Abatrack proximity reader – HID/Indala/Acura.
– Mifare reader.
– Biometric reader.