SCAIIP – Integrated Access Control System

A solution comprised by hardware and software that allows global management of an integrated security system. Extremely flexible, it controls one or one thousand doors, several cameras, people and vehicle entries, elevators, gates and alarms, among other devices.


Incorporated energy fonts:
The SCAIIP-CF controller has an integrated power font circuit with a backup battery charger.


The controller is therefore able to charge all devices connected to it, from locks to readers, and up to the exit maximum nominal current of 2A @ 12 VCC.
( PoE Version: 1,75A @ 12VCC)


PoE charge system option:
The SCAIIP-CF-POE controller is the only PoE controller in the world capable to charge directly 4 readers and 2 locks, without the need for an auxiliary power font, and it also has a battery charger already incorporated; (utilizing a switch or Hi PoE – 30W injector).


Power monitoring:
AC/DC power monitoring, warning the software operator in case of any problem. This function dismisses the installation of a specific CA power backbone for the access control.


Peer to Peer technology:
The controllers are P2P network devices. This enables the controllers to talk amongst themselves and therefore, it enables the controller to communicate with other controllers in the same network, even if the server is off-line, to guarantee correct functioning of the Global Anti-Passback.


Native TCP/IP:
Are controllers with native IPs, that is, the data communication speed is immensely faster and reliable than in a traditional serial system