About us

DANEVO is a Telecom and Security System distributor, supplying high-quality products and services to its customers.

With over 20 year experience, DANEVO operates in the European, Latin American and Middle Eastern markets – with self-owned offices or through selected representatives, who are always in constant updating.

We have established offices in Uruguay, Brazil, and in the city of Cairo, in Egypt, to serve the Middle East market.

DANEVO has a consultative and cooperative approach. We are continuously expanding our knowledge about our clients needs. Our multidisciplinary experience, our skills and partnerships allow us to design customized technology solutions for each of our clients, adding value to their business and contributing to their growth.

Our portfolio includes solutions for voice, data and image communication, network and electronic security for various sectors, such as industries, financial, health and education companies and even public institutions and ventures.


Our offices can be found on:

Uruguaian Office: Misiones 1371, Montevideo, Uruguay, 11000.

Brazilian Office: Thera Office Building, Av. Eng. Luís Carlos Berrini, 105, 04571-010, São Paulo

Egyptian Office: Smart Village, Alexandria Desert Road, 6th October 12577, Egypt