Sandah – Security all over Egypt

Sandah Is A For-Profit Microfinance Company Initiated In Egypt As Joint Venture By The Arab African International Bank (70%) And SANAD ESF (30%) As Founding Partners, To Address The Egyptian Micro And Very Small Enterprises (MVESEs) Financing Market.




Early in 2020, Sandah chose to become one of the many successful cases where Digifort is making a big positive impact!


The demands of the banking sector in the EMEA region are ever growing, with new regulations every quarter, and security is always on top of it.


With multiple locations all over Egypt, Sandah has now monitoring capabilities over all their branches. Thanks to powerful features on Digifort, they are streaming cameras from all branches over to the HQ, managing multiple streams, consuming less bandwidth than any other solution in the market.



Streaming camera feeds from other sites with less bandwidth usage, monitoring of POS, checking every transaction, analytical data, machine learning analytic features, whatever the need you can count on Digifort to ensure the security of your business!


Consult us today about a live demo to see for yourself how Digifort features can make a big difference on your business!