Billing Systems

The big challenge of companies in theses unstable economy times, it’s to recude costs and keep doing too much with few. It is in this moment that low cost investments must be done, but with a good return. The billing system is a software with a low investment cost, but with big returns. Check some of the advantages:


1 – If your company works in the franchise or commercial units model, the billing system allows you to manage all of your units on the same platform. The system gives you the possibility of managing everything in one place;

2 – By splitting the company in various departments and sections, the billing system will be able to automatically report all the costs by section, on any given period of time.

3 – It is common to have mistakes on the amount charged on your telephone bill, and it can go up to 20% depending on your location. By using the billing system, it is possible to make a comparison between the amount used and the amount been charged;

4 – One of the big advantages of using a call billing system is the opportunity to manage and organize the costs of all calls in the company, avoiding any surprises at the end of the month;

5 – The information reported by the billing system will let your company analyze all the costs with telephony, pointing the losses and the improving points.



Your company needs a billing system. Your company needs the Mister Way Billing.