Digifort releases version 7.2

Developed from Brazil to the world, the new edition of Digifort has just arrived in the international market, placing itself as one of the best tools for intelligence, management, and electronic security with IP surveillance technology. According to its developers, the 7.2 version of Digifort is the most comprehensive digital surveillance solution. The platform has more than 130 new features and enhancements, including support for the new H.265 codec, decoding via Intel graphics card (QuickSync), IPv6, 64bit, export in MP4 format, recording of analytics and motion metadata, Video Synopsis, among other technological, operational and administrative facilities.

Available for download on the Digifort website, the new version also features unlimited support for simultaneous cameras, using a multi-streaming, multi-user, multi-server, multi-site, multi-codec and multi-language environment. “In addition to the traditional applications of the product, the new platform provides small, medium, and large-scale solutions to satisfy corporate, urban, and residential demands. In recent years, our team exchanged experiences with distributors, integrators, and users from different regions. This flow amassed a rich collection of ideas, making the software a unique product in its segment”, explains Carlos Eduardo Bonilha, Digifort’s CEO.
According to the executive, version 7.2 has the world’s largest number of integrated equipment. Several functions have been inserted, in addition to new camera types, totaling more than 7000 natively integrated models. The alarm, automation, and License Plate Reading (LPR) modules have also been refurbished, offering differentiated reports. “We have added Digifort Alarm Monitor and Digifort Synopsis. The first module was developed for managing all analog alarm centers existing in the market via a telephone line, GPRS or Ethernet (alarm panels from Intelbras, DSC, Honeywell, JFL, Tyco, Pegasus, among others). With this, simply install this module in an own server and Digifort will manage all these centers, integrating them to images, without the need for any additional equipment”.
Meanwhile, the Digifort Synopsis module allows an event to be identified within a few short minutes, thus avoiding spending time searching through hundreds or thousands of hours within the system. It allows an event to be selected by color, direction, path, size, objects, etc. “There are different VMS software in the global market, but none of them features so many facilities. Our product is just a tool that transforms ideas into solutions. To overcome expectations, we have learned to listen to the market and make the customer our greatest raw material. With this, we make an increasingly better software”, explains Bonilha.

Technical support and acquisition

The way Digifort 7.2 is sold remains the same as the previous versions. It also services all market segments, from single residences, condominiums, or business to large cities, companies, industries, governments, highways, sports arenas, among other large-scale locations. For each type of project, the product offers the capilarites found in the Explorer, Standard, Professional, or Enterprise editions. The integrator must analyze the cost-benefit relation and apply the solution that best meets their needs.

Integrated to leading brands of DVR, IP cameras and multi I/O equipment, in addition to its own modules for video analytics, LPR, computer screen capture (Digifort InSight), alarm and automation, event management module, management via smartphones and tablets, the software prioritizes the services it provides to users. “We want our resources to be increasingly easier to operate. That is why our service and technical support teams are trained to quickly solve customer issues, even if these are not directly related to the software.”
Updating and continuous improvement

The new version has already been installed in hundreds of customers. All tests can be carried out prior to acquisition. All the user has to do is to download the product. For those who already have version 7, simply download the new version on the Digifort website and update. For those who have version 6 and want to upgrade to version 7.2, simply contact an official distributor. “The previous version continues being normally sold for those who do not desire an immediate migration. Each version brings new facilities and equipment is being constantly integrated by our team. The previous versions no longer receive new updates, but our technical support remains active for them. There is no need to have an advanced level to operate the product as it has become even easier to use”.

He points out that listening to customers, providing training and good service are characteristics that are part of the company’s DNA. Digifort offers training and certifications to allow its users to learn about all the features offered. “Hundreds of integrators use the software to provide services to their customers. Large-scale companies have dozens of servers with centralized or decentralized operations based on Digifort. We do not restrict segments, types, or business sizes, since we are flexible for each type of demand or project. Versatility and attention are part of the way we provide services”, concludes the executive.

Free downloads and upgrades

For those who already have a license from version 7 of Digifort, the upgrade to version 7.2 is free of charge. For users who use version 6 or earlier, they should contact their distributors to obtain information about upgrade costs, promotions and other commercial policies. The new features and enhancements from version 7.2 are published in the release note disclosed below:
Release Note – Official 7.2 Version:



Source: http://www.digifort.com.br