GSM Intercom



The Mobile Intercom 101 was designed to be a new solution for intercoms or automation as the latest IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity tool. Now you can have one more device connected in your residence to allow for more mobility at an excellent cost benefit.
An integrated part of the Khomp Endpoints family, the Mobile Intercom 101 is a GSM device with onboard intelligence, combining agility, security and autonomy. Also functioning as an electronic doorman, it uses a GSM cellular telephone network for communication. It has an efficient hands-free and dry contact relay that allows for remote opening of a door, even when there is no person present, making it an excellent option for environments such as houses, offices, multi-family systems in buildings, closed communities and condominiums. It is equipped with an internal SIM Card which establishes the connection between the entrance and the telephone device that has been previously registered in the system.

Features and benefits

Typical Applications

  • Doorman that performs GSM calls to a registered cellular phone
  • Allows for remote door operation
  • Intercom that allows for the configuration of number of rings and conversation time
  • Access control point that uses an efficient system of logs and sending of alerts via SMS


  • Remote door opening from a cellular phone registered in the system
  • Door open sensor. Can be configured from 15 to 86, 400 seconds (24 hours)
  • Access control using GSM technology
  • Applications for Android and iOS telephones for ease in product configuration

Technical Characteristics

  • GSM Quad Band interface: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Internal GSM antenna

Physical Characteristics

  • Power source: 12 VDC
  • Resistant to rain and water droplets (Protection level: IP66)

* SIM card for personal use. There is included in the equipment.

Guarantees and Certifications

  • Factory warranty 1 year
  • Certification Anatel
  • ISO 9001:2008 Industry certified





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