What is business VoIP?




VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol, is telephone system solution of the new age. Instead of using standard cabling, the VoIP uses your existing internet connection to make and receive calls. To start, all that you need is a high speed internet connection, one VoIP telephone

History of VoIP

The VoIP was created on the 90s and was a good way of avoiding long-distance and international calls, making the internet phone available to the users, that could then, call to other users of the internet phone. As the years passed the VoIP phone solution evolved together with the internet and became one of the preferred telephony solutions to the business models of all sizes.


There are many different types of VoIP solutions available to the companies.

One of the best things about a VoIP telephony solution is that it is scalable and flexible and can easy grow along side with your business.


On the VoIP technology the call is converted in voice packages, transfered through the internet and rebuilt at the final recipient in analog audio signals. The VoIP solution is a much more efficient, updated, accessible and viable than your normal telephony solution.


When it’s about resources, the VoIP providers offers to their clients a number of resources that covers calls management, voice mail, mobility, collaboration and much more. Some of the most popular VoIP resources includes:

– Call ID
– Self Service
– Recording
– Do not disturb
– Telephone Conference


With a VoIP telephony system, you are mobile like never. The VoIP business solution WMX-Panasonic offers flexible options to include users that work at remote offices or are constantly in transit, offering a safe mobile application to iOS and Android to keep users connect to your contacts, using resources like call forward, find me/follow me, virtual extensions and much more to keep the employees connected to their business and gathered on the same telephony system.

Important Resources

Which resources are important to your business?

Make sure that your VoIP provider has all important resources to your company. Resources like licensed extensions amount, conference call, safe mobility, call hold, call forward, recording and much more must be on your list to create a productive and efficient commercial telephony system.