Designed for small and mid-size companies. This is a revolutionary server with embedded Linux OS, capable of hosting fully integrated access control and CCTV systems. With its easy installation, configuration and operation, SBOX is a complete and sophisticated “plug & play” integrated security system.


• Plug &Play;
• Controls up to 10 gates and doors (5 controllers)
• Monitor up to 24 IP ONVIF camera.
• Totally embedded Linux system, with no need for software installation;
• Can use Handphone to navigate SBOX via SBOX APP
• Embedded and interconnected Access Control;
• Does not need firewall and antivirus installation;
• Controls up to 30,000 users and transaction events on stand-alone mode (up to 10,000 daily transactions on the server’s BD);
• Provides support to the most popular card technologies;
• Peer-to-Peer communication;
• Real time monitoring of events;
• Remote Access via web, through a computer or mobile devices
• Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome…
• Has an embedded data bank, without the need for HD’s. Saves space and operates silently.
• Ideal for Car Park Access Control with card expiry feature.