CIP 850

CIP 850






Gateway CIP 850 offers high technology and features to interact with many communication platforms. The best choice for companies seeking versatility and mobility through IP extensions that can also be used on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs.


* It is necessary to install a softphone in the equipment.




With the number portability query function, you can really save on calls made by your mobile, Because when you make a phone call, the central directs the number to a query server, that replies informing which operator. Thus, the central sends the call to the best cost line.

* Intelbras indicates SipPulse as portability query server.




Your communication is not limited. With maximum versatility, CIP 850 allows interaction with other IP or analog communication platforms.




It is ideally designed for small businesses and can be installed in a desktop (stick-on) or in a rack 19”, using only 1U.




Recommended for micro and small businesses that need to integrate into the IP world with high-tech communication. CIP 850 is also suitable for providers who need flexibility to interact with multiple communication platforms and want to offer telephony service with functionality to meet internal or customer needs.