UnniTI3000 – Hybrid Telephony Center


UnniTI 3000 is an effective solution for the integration of voice and data networks, ideal for small and medium businesses. With a capacity of up to 10 additional boards, it reaches a maximum configuration of 60 IP trunks, 160 analog extensions plus 120 IP extensions. In addition to the usual settings for a telephone panel, it has gateway function, connecting two networks and allowing (voice over IP).


More Compact

With optimized design, UnniTI 3000 uses only 3 Us of 19 rack” height. In addition, the integrated RJ45 connectors speed up installation on a wall, rack or shelf.


Intelligent System


At UnniTI 3000 ; it is not necessary to purchase extra boards in order to have IP communication, the solution is already embedded in the CPU itself.


Web manager with responsive interface


Manage UnniTI 3000 from different devices without having to send / receive schedules. Compatible with all major browsers, it has responsive interface and great usability on tablets and smartphones, and even displays alerts for automatic updates, with no need to download from the site.



Multi DISA


Automatic answering with menus and submenus. More options and versatility when programming the service menus.