Intelbras is Danevo’s partner for telephones and Hybrid, Analog and Digital PBXs. With a lot of great solutions on their portfolio including Security, Telecommunications and Network, we started this partnership to fully understand a variety of consumer needs. With this attitude we are leading in most of the segments in which we operate, always searching for the new and edging technology.


Integrated solutions

Intelbras offers the most complete solutions in Security, Telecommunications and Networks, integrated on the same technological platform, in which all the technologies are compatible.

There is a team in Intelbras structure able to develop customized communication projects for all solutions. These are solutions made to meet specific requirements, which are met with the highest standards.

Alongside customized development, Intelbras also has integrations with numerous different brands and environments such as Panasonic, 3CX, Unify and others.

Whatever is the customer necessity, Intelbras offers, always with the quality of a leading brand.

For further information regarding the corporation, please get in touch with our customers service team.



Specialists in Telecom since it’s founding, Intelbras develops residencial and corporate phones. Also, with leading technology, PBXs for the small and medium businesses. All of our accessories provide the best on communication and service, providing trust, mobility, savings and high efficiency and productivity for the corporate market.


Technological innovation

Focus on applied research and new technologies.

6% of the sales is invested in R&D.

Highly qualified technical team.

Technological mastery of the Intelbras products.


SMD (Surface Mount Technology)

Automated assembly technology: capacity to insert approximately 85 million components per month.


COB (Chip On Board)

Assembly of microchips. Intelbras is the Pioneer in implementation in Brazil.



Production in cells: shorter adjustment times/setting – up and greater flexibility.

Telephones Assembly, Wireless and Switches: flexible manufacturing cells specialized by product family.



Processing 120 tons of plastic to manufacture products monthly.


Intensive application of advanced tools of manufacturing and quality

KANBAN – Pulled production system which increases manufacturing flexibility.

Self-Management Groups – Management in the work post and quick decision-making by the operators.

Lean Production – Management philosophy focused on continuous production and fast solution of problems.

CEP (Statistic Control Process) – It maintains the manufacturing processes stable and under control.