VAULT is DANEVO’s expert partner in technology and integration of security and access control systems, developing cutting-edge solutions to manage and monitor any property. With a wide range of systems, it is capable of meeting the needs of door control in retail market facilities and even major access control solutions, where integration with other systems is crucial.
The IP Integrated Access Control System (SCAIIP) system developed by VAULT uses PoE Green Power Technology, allowing the deployment of projects suited to the new environmental protection and energy saving trends.
VAULT also provides a complete range of peripheral devices, such as readers, locks, switches and fixtures, which complement any security project, for any type and size of businesses.



A solution comprised by hardware and software that allows global management of an integrated security system. Extremely flexible, it controls one or one thousand doors, several cameras, people and vehicle entries, elevators, gates and alarms, among other devices.



Incorporated energy fonts:
The SCAIIP-CF controller has an integrated power font circuit with a backup battery charger.

The controller is therefore able to charge all devices connected to it, from locks to readers, and up to the exit maximum nominal current of 2A @ 12 VCC. ( PoE Version: 1,75A @ 12VCC)

PoE charge system option:
The SCAIIP-CF-POE controller is the only PoE controller in the world capable to charge directly 4 readers and 2 locks, without the need for an auxiliary power font, and it also has a battery charger already incorporated; (utilizing a switch or Hi PoE – 30W injector).

Power monitoring:
AC/DC power monitoring, warning the software operator in case of any problem. This function dismisses the installation of a specific CA power backbone for the access control.

Peer to Peer technology:
The controllers are P2P network devices. This enables the controllers to talk amongst themselves and therefore, it enables the controller to communicate with other controllers in the same network, even if the server is off -line, to guarantee correct functioning of the Global anti-Passback.

Native TcP/IP:
Are controllers with native IPs, that is, the data communication speed is immensely faster and reliable than in a traditional serial system.



Designed for small and mid-size companies. This is a revolutionary server with embedded Linux OS, capable of hosting fully integrated access control and CCTV systems. With its easy installation, confi guration and operation, SBOX is a complete and sophisticated “plug & play” integrated security system.


• Plug &Play;
• Totally embedded Linux system, with no need for software installation;
• Can use Handphone to navigate SBOX via SBOX APP
• Embedded and interconnected Access Control;
• Does not need firewall and antivirus installation;
• Controls up to 10 gates and doors (5 controllers)
• Controls up to 30,000 users and transaction events
on stand-alone mode (up to 10,000 daily transactions on the server’s BD);
• Provides support to the most popular card technologies;
• Peer-to-Peer communication;
• Real time monitoring of events;
• Remote Access via web navigator, through a computer or mobile devices such as tablets and cell-phones;
• Compatible with multiple operational systems and navigators: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome…
• The Access Control System has an embedded data bank, without the need for HD’s. Saves space and operates silently.
• Ideal for Car Park Access Control with card expiry feature.


Regardless of the size of your organization, the desire to keep people and goods securely inside and threats outside has become a fundamental premise, our solutions allow multi-site companies to have the power to administrate their system from a single location,
remotely, reducing operational costs and centralizing expertise. At the same time, Access Control offers total mobility, because it is a WEB platform allowing any computer or mobile device to be connected to the system, through the intranet/internet. It is an open
architecture solution, making integration with several other systems easy, either through SDK, Matadata, or Data Banks.



Is a software module for a local access control server. Having several resources such as integration with CCTV systems, elevator control, intrusion alarm sensors, integration with fi re detection systems, visitor registration and control system (VMS), and much more. It works in conjunction with site controllers (doors, turnstiles, elevators, lockers/racks, gates/barriers, etc.), feeding them with the business rules and receiving their transactions. In case your server is off -line, the controllers will continue to operate in a transparent manner, allowing people and vehicles to continue circulating according to their privileges, and when communication is reestablished, all the information will be synchronized with the server. In addition, the VAULT ENTERPRISE SITE communicates
constantly with the VAULT ENTERPRISE CENTRAL, to update and backup your Data Bank, incrementing, in an exponential way the System’s security and integrity.



Is responsible for centralizing and managing all the information from all the sites. It may segment the Access privileges and reports of all the sites, independently. It receives the transactions from all the servers with VAULT ENTERPRISE SITE, and organizes them in its Central Data Bank. It is a powerful tool for large scale systems, making their administration easier and guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability on large data volume. It also has additional valuable tools such as Web Visitors Pre-registration, Data Bank segmentation and much more.



A fully integrated range of equipment, software and accessories. Cable entries, switches, power sources and batteries, door holders and interlock, timing and signaling cards are just a few of the items that are part of the range of accessories at VAULT’s access control systems. High-quality parts that assure an extra attention to every detail in each security project.